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May, 2016

Home Internet Marketing Business ABCs

By on May 31, 2016

Almost everyone nowadays wants to have his very own profitable home internet marketing business that can ease his financial burdens and help him sail smoothly through the ravages of the global financial crisis currently engulfing the economies of the world. Understanding of the ABCs or fundamentals of internet marketing is essential to the success of any online home business.

Internet Marketing

Different people of different profession and stature have view internet marketing in different perspectives. People in one hand consider internet marketing as simply the act of placing banner ads or inbound links on other websites. On the opposite hand, there are many companies claiming that it is the secret to exponentially increasing one’s wealth overnight. Caution should be exercised however, because most of these many companies only try to make you buy some sort of internet marketing program that they proclaim will make you rich by morning.

At the present, internet marketing or online marketing has successfully evolved to a higher stage which now involves a combination of many components a business can utilize to increase sales regardless whether the said business is being executed fully online, partly online, or fully offline. Internet marketing is fully discretionary and it can’t be fully said that it is strictly needed for success but its recent popularity has caused those who don’t use it get left behind by those who do. It can provide a vast and unique competitive advantage to any company. It is for this reason that some companies even rely purely on online marketing to promote their business, its products, and services.

Internet Marketing Objectives

Internet marketing is being employed to make use of the Internet to do at least one of the succeeding:

1. Communicate a company’s message about itself, its products, or its services online.

2. Conduct research as to the nature (demographics, preferences, and needs) of existing and potential customers.

3. Sell goods, services, or advertising space over the Internet.

Internet Marketing Components

Internet marketing is made up of many components which may be summarized into the following:

1. Making a business website and getting it launched and published over the Internet. It may consist of text, images and possibly audio and video elements that broadcast the company’s message to visitors, informing current customers and prospects of the features, benefits, and value-for-money of its products and services. The website may also include additional features that extend its capabilities like the ability to capture and store leads from potential customers or the function to directly sell a product or service online. A website may very well be the best way to establish a company’s own internet persona and business entity. Websites can always outperform their offline equivalents – brochures and mail order catalogs.

2. Marketing a website over the World Wide Web via search engines otherwise known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the process of helping a website shop up in the top search engine pages whenever one makes a search with certain defined keywords through search engine optimization or SEO, pay-per-click or PPC advertising, or pay-for-inclusion or PFI advertising in which a website is listed in online website directories, the same way as with yellow page listings.

3. Email marketing is the technique of getting information about a product or service out to customers or getting feedback from customers about a product or service through the use of emails. Email addresses of customers or potential customers can be collected through the use of the company website or purchased from lead generation specialists. Email marketing is simply the online version of direct mail marketing. There are different methods that can be utilized to do this form of online marketing like the regular distribution of newsletters or mass mailing of offers related to the company’s product or services.

4. Banner advertising is the online marketing equivalent of the traditional ads in newspapers and magazines. It is the free placement of ads on a website usually known as free ad directories.

5. Online press releasing is the placement of a newsworthy story about a company, regular distribution of newsletters or mass mailing of offers related to the company’s product or services on online wire service or online press release directories.

6. Blog marketing is the process of posting comments, expressing opinions or making online announcements in a discussion forum or blog directory that can be done by hosting your own blog or by comment and link exchanges with other blogs whose content is related to your product or service.

7. Article marketing involves the syndication or online publishing in article sites or directories of freshly written or unique articles that tackle things related to your business, products, or services. These articles have the potential to spread and circulate over the internet since online article hosting services allow the re-publication of articles so long as all links in the articles are maintained. Traffic boost can be the primary result of article marketing, together with the promotion of your brand to a wider audience through the syndication of these articles.

Internet Marketing and Home Business

A website is an element that all internet marketing components, prospective customers, and clients anticipate a business to have. Through the years, having a website has become one of the best ways to get a consumer’s trust and interest in a company and its products and services. Having no website may even cause a prospect to lose interest and head to a competitor. Up-to-date information available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week something that can best come from a website. And the all-encompassing use of online means has cased many prospects to decide to transact only with companies that have a good and useful website.

Engaging in online marketing and having a website is so comprehensive in scope that it can benefit even a business that only has very local customers like a single location food store or clothing store. Internet marketing offers a very cost-effective and comprehensive way of attracting customers and it also gives a business a worldwide reach with its own Web presence that can be very hard to get from other methods especially in the case of businesses whose customers are not restricted to ma single geographical area only.

A website though in some instances is not a complete necessity, can definitely provide a home business operator various benefits due to the virtual nature of most home businesses. A website can act as a storefront for direct selling of products and services as well as serve as a very inexpensive means of getting prospects as well as clients know what your business does or what products it sells especially to those home-based businesses that do not have a physical location.

The internet has been one of the primary drivers that fueled the growth and expansion of home based businesses because it has paved the way for starting and maintaining a web presence with reasonably low cost. It is therefore a must that internet marketing becomes as integral part of your business plan and marketing strategy.

Finding the Right Internet Marketing Mix

Determining and utilizing the right marketing strategy is essential to business success. Defining the percentage of marketing efforts that should be done online, the needed Internet marketing elements and the amount of focus to be given to the website are all vital to the formulation of a marketing plan that will work. The nature of business, the budget, and some personal traits may all affect the marketing mix. All these, and many others influence the development of an internet marketing business blue print.

Using Offline Elements with Internet Marketing Strategies

Only businesses that transact 100% of their business online can make use of a fully online marketing scheme. All others should utilize a marketing mix made up of both online and offline efforts. Traditional methods can greatly supplement the effects and benefits of web marketing. In fact, there are even businesses that conduct all their operations completely online and yet employ the placement of traditional ads on newspapers and magazines to drive prospects to visiting their website and participate in online transactions with the firm. Perfect examples of business that integrate offline elements as components of their internet marketing strategies are Expedia, Travelocity and Monster.com. These firms shell out huge investments in radio and TV advertising as well as other traditional means of advertising to get consumers visit their sites where the real businesses dealings are being transacted.

Develop Internet Marketing Strategies You Like

Only incorporate in your strategy the marketing techniques you like or those that do not annoy you whenever someone does them to you, because most people probably feel the same way. The most hated marketing tool as regarded by many is spam. This is why many companies nowadays do not include email marketing in their arsenal of promotion methods.

Many forget the fact that email marketing does not necessarily mean the sending out of unsolicited emails to every email address you can find. Email marketing can also be accomplished by incorporating a visitor registration webpage on your site. This page then works as a tool to gather email addresses of interested prospects. You can then create a newsletter which you can send to all who have registered in your site. You may also consider updating your newsletter and sending it periodically to your prospects. You may also create a schedule for sending regular emails just to see how your prospects are doing, if your company can be of assistance in any way, or if any of their wants or needs has changed since when you last had a conversation. This is a very efficient way of utilizing email to boost your business promotion even without engaging in email marketing.

Your Budget and Internet Marketing Strategy

The budget plays a very important role in any marketing strategy as it lays out which components and techniques you can develop and exploit. A website for example needs you to select a domain name and then register and purchase it from a web hosting service. Due to the growing demand for web hosting services, the competition has greatly tightened and many now offer discounts. There are those that offer domain name registration for as low as $1.99 per year – provided you also purchase other services, like hosting, which is now also available for less than $10 per month. Next is the design and content of your website. Your can design and write your won content or your can hire a graphics artist for the design and a web content writer for the content. You can also opt to make use of the online website builders that can be found all over the internet.

After your site is all ready to go, getting it found is the next task, because no matter how good or useful a site is, it is of no value if people cannot find it. This is the point where search engine optimization or SEO comes in. SEO is vital to every website. You can either learn and do the SEO yourself or you can hire search engine optimizers to do it for you.

Web content should be search engine optimized from the time it was written. Same goes for the web design as the manner in which a website is designed can either enhance or limit the site traffic it will be receiving in the future. SEO should definitely be a major part of any internet marketing strategy. You can opt to do things faster but more costly or vice versa, depending on your perspective and your budget.

Once your website is up and running, you’ll either need to maintain it yourself or outsource the duties to an independent Webmaster to do it for you.

Google AdWords and similar pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services can be a good choice as they go easy on your budget due to the fact that you can specify the maximum amount you are willing or able to spend. You also get to decide how much you will be paying whenever someone clicks on your site as well as the limit of how much you will be paying per day. You also get control over whether the pay-per-click ads appear only on major search engines or on other related websites as well. Geographic and time restrictions regarding when and where your ads run are also at your disposal, making the said ads quite easy to update. Real time tracking of the benefits is also possible with PPC services. You can also use images and/or videos with PPC advertising, which may even be less costly than placing banner ads on other websites. You can also, on the other hand, utilize pay-per-click advertising to earn money with your website to such programs as Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher or Microsoft AdCenter.

Tracking the Results of Internet Marketing Strategies

Putting up and operating a successful home-based business is not that easy especially for the average home business operator. Tracking is very important especially when you spend money on strategic Internet marketing initiatives. You should know the effectiveness on such initiatives to be able to make the right decision on whether to go on or discontinue with them. If you are satisfied with the performance of the currently implemented techniques, continue using them. If you are not satisfied, learn from your mistakes. Determine why such approaches did not work and find other means that can work better. Such practice is sure to improve your skills and enhance your chances for success.

Your business will mature and grow faster and more efficiently if you know which internet marketing strategies are worth spending your money.

Remain patient in tracking the performance of your internet marketing efforts and they will surely pay off. Always keep in mind that effects do not occur overnight and a significant amount of time is usually needed before you can feel the benefits. The same is with revenues, at first your efforts may seem to be in vain but after some time, more revenues will surely materialize.

Strategic Internet Marketing Needs to be Flexible

There are millions of people wanting to succeed with their own home internet marketing business and most of these also engage in strategic internet marketing. It is therefore vital that you make your marketing strategy flexible. It should be ready to quickly absorb changes and necessary adjustments. However, some knowledge, some capable assistance, and a well-managed strategic Internet marketing plan can increase your chances for success.

Internet Marketing Strategy: The 7 Standard Steps

By on May 31, 2016

In every single internet marketing website or blog, these seven strategic steps will always take place. These steps are must-dos for every internet marketers.

1.Obtain A Good Domain Name

A domain name is an address of your website, better known as a URL. It is unique because it distinguishes your website’s name and identity from the other websites. Make your URL something easy to remember and simply typed in by people. It could be your name, the name of your product or a summarised name fit for your website’s purpose. I do not normally recommend numbers in your URL because when you verbally tell other people about your website, because you have to state whether it is a number or a word like 1business.com or onebusiness.com. Also, do not use complex words that people find hard it to spell and type.

A fully qualified domain name includes the host name, which is world wide web or www and the domain registrar which is the part after the dot, as in .com. The .com is the most recommended one to use other than .net or .info because it is easily listed or accepted in search engines and it is good for businesses. Other domain registrars such as .org/.edu/.gov are not good for business, as they stand for orgeanizational, educational and government respectively.

2.Find A Webhost

A webhost is a company that allows you to host your website on their servers. A webhost is like a so-called landlord for you to go through before you can live in the house that is on his land, which is your website. Like when you’re looking for a house to rent, you have to take a look at the facilities and services in the house that is provided to you. So, a webhosting account has certain features for you to look at to see which are the services that you need to have your website running as smoothly as possible.

You need a website that provides you with at least 5 Gigabytes of space for you to promote your products and at least 500mb/s of data transfer, which is the speed of which the time your website takes to download at a visitor’s webpage. They might also provide you with a good website builder if you want to design the website yourself. Find out if they also allow you to input email accounts, audio, video, “shopping carts” for your products, and so on. Also, it’d be great if they have the amazing cPanel feature, which is a control panel that provides you with all the practical applications suitable for your website.

3.Website Design

Firstly, choose a website template suitable for your business. Do remember that the human eye focuses mostly on the top, right and center part of the website. So if you want to emphasize on your newsletter/mailing list subscription, product or a promotion, place it at the optimum level of the website.

For design, you can use Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver or your webhost’s website builder. If you do not have any experience whatsoever, try learning or hiring a web designer. The colour of your website should not be glaring to the human eye. A professional white background is good for business.

4.The Content

The content of your website is very important. People love to get free information about a desire or a need they have to satisfy. Give them more than what they expect and make them trust you with their money. Just when they’re burning and yearning for more details, simply promote your product. It has to state how the product or service benefits the user, how it has improved other people’s lives by using testimonials and promote the other bonuses you’re adding on, etc. Visuals are important for credibility. If you’re selling physical products, take a picture of them. If you’re selling digital products like softwares or e-books, get an electronic cover or an e-cover for them.

5.An Autoresponder

An autoresponder is an automatic e-mail feature that allows you to keep in contact with your visitors and customers. For example. you may send an automatic e-mail to thank someone for subscribing to your list or to give out automatic newsletters at a weekly basis. Do bear in mind that you also need to provide your visitors and customers with an option to opt out of your list. This is preferably stated at the bottom of your e-mails.

There are many good and well-known autoresponder programs like Aweber and GetResponse that is mainly used by businesses worldwide.

6.Traffic Generation

The fastest way to get traffic is through pay-per-click advertising. This means that for every click your ad gets for your visitors to come to your site, you will have to pay for it. Do read up on pay-per-click strategies and how to use them properly or you might end up paying more than what you can afford. Using pay-per-click advertising, it is easier to make the target market come to your site because of the key words and phrases you use that attracts them to your product or service.

You can optimize your site for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to easily find you using the Search Engine Optimization method or SEO. Basically you have to type in specific HTML tags into your website’s HTML to make the so-called search engine “robots” find you easily and list your website as one of the results generated when a visitor types in the relevant keywords related to your website. This is a tasking job. You might want to ask a web programmer to do it if you don’t understand, or you may find some SEO templates lying around on the internet.

There is also the free traffic method, but I do not normally recommend that because the people that come in to your site will not be your target market, just visitors in general.

7.Your Payment Gateway

Payment gateways such as 1shoppingcart, Clickbank and Paypal are popularly used by businesses. They accept sales processing credit cards and they automate your business transactions. use a good payment gateway that benefits you with their features.

The Internet Marketing Strategy’s 7 Standard Steps is crucial for you to follow. It is how you implement them that can state the golden future of your website. Read up more on these internet marketing strategies to learn and apply them properly.

The Importance Of Internet Marketing

By on May 31, 2016

For today’s business owners the shape of commerce has changed. No longer is the success of our businesses completely reliant on world-of-mouth and persuasive print advertising. Today’s savvy entrepreneurs understand that in order to be truly successful in today’s competitive environment it is absolutely essential to conduct comprehensive  Internet   marketing .

An online presence is critical for reaching your target audience in today’s Internet focused age.  Internet   marketing  – an affordable alternative to pricey print and broadcast marketing – can reach the people you want without breaking the bank. Let’s face it; your audience is already online; now it’s just a matter of delivering them your message.

To do so, you can work with professionals who understand the complexities of  Internet   marketing . They will assist you in developing your message, orchestrating a plan, and implementing it. The result can very well be a high level of success and viability for your small business.

To find such professionals check with other small business owners – for whom you have a respect – to determine what  Internet   marketing  professionals worked well on their behalf. It may be beneficial to find someone who has an understanding of your particular industry. This alleviates the learning curve when attempting to construct an appropriate message for  Internet   marketing .

 Internet   marketing  professionals will also be well-versed on the legalities of marketing small businesses online and can guide you through the process with an eye towards boundaries.

You may also wish to conduct your  Internet   marketing  on your own. No one knows the intricacies of your business better than you; who better to construct a specific message than you? Before embarking on any  Internet   marketing , however, be sure to conduct thorough research.

Your actual  Internet   marketing  can be conducted right on your website with the use of surveys, give-aways, and a specific call-to-action.

It may be in your best interest to take some  marketing  courses so that you can best familiarize yourself with the importance of  Internet   marketing .

The beauty of  Internet   marketing  is its mass appeal. It would take enormous effort and money to reach certain targeted audiences with specific messages delivered in a particular way. The  Internet  bridges the gap between all audiences and levels the playing field for those interested in  marketing  their small business.

Using  Internet   marketing  to further the efforts of your small business can be vastly rewarding. With consistent and poignant delivery of messages through  Internet   marketing  you can experience long term success and viability.

Social Media Marketing Best Practices

By on May 31, 2016

Social media networking is an evolving field. The headlines are always changing. New tools are always being developed. Case studies provide new information to target our platforms and marketing efforts.

Social media marketing means being a good community member; it is part of your job to keep up not only with your niche community but all community trends online.

Social media marketing best practices is a non-quantifiable skill set. If properly executed, the returns can be priceless. Building community connections is an extension of your online personal branding, the true platform from which solid results do hand-springs and take off!

Participate. Know how to engage and participate in a variety of social media platforms. You don’t have to be an expert in every one but you should have a good operating sense of how to maximize your efforts on the ones in which you participate.

Participate whole-heartedly and completely. Understanding the best practices of a particular platform, using it thoughtfully and strategically, will build a respected presence.

Trying numerous platforms without fully committing to any, is not likely worth the effort and can be a time-waster.

When you do ‘commit to the relationship,’ make it a priority to understand how your community functions as a whole, its mannerisms, ethical practices and what interactions are community priorities. You can initiate a new stream of conversation in a sincere effort to benefit the community; make sure the new stream is relevant to community basics.

Twitter and Facebook. While you can be selective about other platforms in which you choose to participate, these two cannot be ignored or marginalized.

While Mashable will highlight the most powerful social media stars, often it is the quieter, yet steady, voice in a community that is most instructive.

Twitter’s ‘who to follow‘ directory is a great tool to find companies and brands that use Twitter as a social media source in similar fashion to your own. Once you have accumulated a few accounts that are successful in your eyes, build them into a list. Check them periodically to stay attuned to user reaction, brand response and company updates.

You can do this by ‘liking‘ competitors and other social brands on Facebook too. The brands can be competitive–always a good idea to know what your rivals are up to. You can also learn by following other social brands and consider new strategies on the basis of what you see and how well it works in other fields.

Keeping up with the rush of social media traffic is not your full time job. It is an important part of your full time job and should get regular attention periodically.

Immersing yourself in select communities can build long term benefits for your business. The social media best practices for your business and the time involved in each pursuit will vary depending on your perception of its utility and benefit. Staying up on current trends, and social tools is essential for online business longevity.

Basic General Internet Marketing

By on May 31, 2016

 Internet   marketing , just like any other business requires basic planning, funding, customer relations, products, strategies, and advertising. You will also require some strong customer marketing approaches, as well as hiring staff members or establishing a merchant account for online credit card processing.

If you are about to start an  internet   marketing  business, think carefully about the products to sell, because there are certain products that are not compatible with  marketing  over the  internet , and they may need to be through a person-to-person transaction. These products can cost a lot if shipped, as  internet   marketing  business transactions depend exclusively on buying and shipping products.

Online store

The first thing you will need is an online store. Like in any other business, this is where you will put all your products to be sold, and customers will visit your online store to look around and see if they can find anything they may like. You can outsource or hire someone to build an online store for you. Payments will be made by credit cards which are processed online, and to process the, you will first need to create a merchant account with a bank. Your store should have a secure server, as every credit card paying customer wants to be sure that the credit card number that they enter while paying is heavily secured from possible theft. In addition to this, the customers also want to be sure that any information that they disclose such as email address or other personal info will be confined only to that transaction.


Your website will serve as the main window of your products, services and other things that entail your  internet   marketing  business. Your website should be SEO friendly, as the customers mainly browse the web in search for some products or services, and keywords or keyword variations pertaining to your kind of business should be highly emphasized. A good usage of the keywords and an SEO friendly website in a web directory will produce a large amount of traffic to your site which could lead to a more profitable business. A good website design and a strategic SEO management that is regularly maintained will require a lot of attention, and the internet offers free information and help regarding these matters, including promotion, design, and even maximizing your Search Engine Optimization capabilities.

 Internet   Marketing 

There are substantial number of  marketing  strategies and methods that can be found through  internet   marketing , and they are widely used and proven to be very effective in every corner of business in the  internet  world.  Internet   marketing  can be broken down into the following categories:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – People browsing on the web use keywords to look for websites and information they need, and if your website contains keywords that matches the customers search terms, your website will rank high in the search engine results of the search engines, and that could spell a large increase in traffic to your site.

Email Marketing – This is the promotional strategy based mainly on email. It is the fastest and most effective way of promoting products and services that reach every prospective customer through their inbox. But it should be done carefully, because there is a thin line between a spam email and a promotional email, and every  internet   marketing  business owner should be aware of this.

Affiliate Marketing – This is the income sharing of the merchants and advertisers. The profit is mainly based on sales performance, advertising clicks, or online registrations.

Advertising online – This kind of advertising submits mainly on search engine whereas an advertiser bids for a keyword to serve his advertising needs, which may also include the pay per click method. An advertiser may also place his ads directly on the website, or he may choose to contact online ad agencies to search for an appropriate website to advertise on.

Web Directories – So what do these online directories do? Simple, they are just an electronic way of doing what Paper Directories do. And that they do it in a more effective way. Cashing in on the fact that people prefer Internet to do most of the businesses or even conduct a simple search for day-day activities like shopping, going out for a trip etc, these online directories have gained popularity fast and thick.

There are many online directories on the Internet today. Google, Yahoo are a few names that come to my mind immediately. There are thousands of others like them, paid for review and free ones. Both types have their Pros and Cons. Here is a good Strong Web Directories with deep links to start with. It is reliable,trustworthy and it will be around for a long time.

Social Media Marketing – 3 Best Twitter Uses

By on May 31, 2016

Why Would I Tell Others What I Am Doing?

This article is about making Twitter pay in your business or life. Twitter is very new in the bigger world of communicating. It is still in the adoption phase, and that makes Twitter a moving target with regard to how best to you use it. Personally, “tweeting” is fine, if my time is unlimited and my interests are diverse. However to many of us, we need to make our Twitter time pay off. Below I give you the 3 top uses of Twitter so that immediately you put it to its absolutely best use.

Twitter as the latest social web networking gizmo, is intended to allow others of your choice to know what you do all day. You may ask yourself, “why should I spend my time telling other people what I am doing?” That is a very good question. Twitter is designed to generate social and business value out of answering that question. On the face of it, Twitter looks like a monumental instant messaging system. And some people use it that way. But that is not what it is about. At least, that is not what where its true power resides.

What Is The Unique Value of Twitter

Here is the answer. In short, Twitter is immediate, it is searchable, and it allows you access to contacts that can be of further use to you. On top of this, everything about Twitter is free. If you believe in what you do, what you do all day will be in line with your interests and beliefs. So if I am reading a blog, writing an article or filming a video, then that stuff will be of interest to my followers. You might say that that is nobody’s business if you are from the old school. In the old days, your family or the people that live in your neighborhood and work in your office or place of work are the only people that need to know. Well, the neighborhood just got much bigger due to the web. Your community is defined across geography and the people that you see everyday. And more and more, the way that you make yourself known to others that share a mutual interest, is through the web. Use Twitter to find, communicate with and promote to them.

The best way to utilize this article is to bring to mind now the things that are important to you:

1) your market niche,

2) a personal interest or hobby

3) a cause that you are committed to.

When you read this brief article, use your interest to put this information to work immediately by trying it out. Here are the three ways to use Twitter:

1. The Twitter Search

There are at least three ways of searching Twitter to find out things of importance to you. Here are the ones that I find most useful:

  • What is the most popular URL of interest to you being discussed now on Twitter? Remember content is on websites, not usually on 2.0 sites. Therefore, in order to answer this question, you should go to Twitter(url)y. Twitter(url)y provides a sort of voting system based on the number of times that a URL is used (either in TinyURL, Snipurl (snurl) or full URL) by people using Twitter. URL’s are ranked from top 100 highest voted URL’s based on this voting system.
  • Most popular topic of interest to you . Use http://search.twitter.com to find specific term(s) that is(are) of interest to you. Are you interested in bee farming….type it in the search bar, and find out what’s buzzing. And seriously, bee farming does have results in this search.
  • Others in your geographical area with similar interests on Twitter. Use http://www.twitterlocal.net/. Are your interests local? Now you can connect with people in your area that Twitter in areas of interest to you. TwitterLocal allows you to receive tweets specifically from people of specified distances from a zip code of your choice. This is great if you have social interests (schools, organizations, government) that you want to be updated about. It also provides the top 40 worldwide locations with the highest Twitter activity if you want to connect with the hottest geographies. If you are opening a hot dog stand in your area, this would be a good way to get the word out for free.

2. Contacts – New and Existing Twitter is about finding out what is being discussed. But more importantly, Twitter is about who is discussing it. How do you find out about high impact people now? In the virtual world, probably you search on Google and read and comment on their blogs or you get involved in on-line communities. In the real world, you have real communities or maybe Meet-Up groups.

After you find out Twitter people that are talking about the things that are important to you via one of the methods above, follow them by clicking on their link. In the beginning, you may be tempted to follow everybody. Resist the temptation. Choose carefully who you follow. I find a good way to decide who I will follow, is to look at some of the content that they have created (not just re-tweeted) and find out if they appear to be opinion leaders and not just re-distributing other peoples’ material all of the time. The opinion leaders are important because they will give you access to quality material and they can in turn be useful for getting behind your opinions.

When you create quality material, you will quickly become known for that and people will begin to follow you very quickly.

3. Promoting Content

Most likely, you will have some content that you have or will create that merits some distribution to a deserving audience. Your content could be anything – a grand opening of a physical store, a website or blog, or a YouTube video (or Facebook Page or Linked-In page). You name it. Twitter gives you 140 characters per tweet to get your word out. Additionally for long URL’s, it will automatically provide a shortened version (TinyURL). You need to think very compact and creative to get your word out in 140 characters. Twhirl is a user interface that can be downloaded for free and can reside on the desktop of your computer for ongoing access to Twitter.

When promoting anything, remember that you are doing people a favor in communicating to them via Twitter. In so doing, ensure that you include followers that are open and willing participants in mutual interests. Make your content relevant to your followers. Also if you have found something of interest, re-tweet that content that would be of mutual interest to your followers. Influencing other people to your way of thinking is also a good use of your time on Twitter. After all, if you believe in what you do, it will be reflected in what you do all day. So, when you are tweeting something that you are doing presently it should be something that is at least, expectantly entertaining, or at the least content-rich. Be respectful of others’ eye-time.

In Summary

Twitter has its focused use. If you are looking for the latest, searchable news and who is in on “the conversation”, this is the medium for you. I heard a quote that says “the community defines the channel, the channel does not define the community.” Twitter is the channel, the community is yours. The Twitter channel is a fast-paced one that provides vital signs to some conversations that are or will be important to you. It is not the answer to every communication need, but it is valuable. Use the information right now to put this to work for you.

Follow me on Twitter – http://twitter.com/frank_dobner

© Copyright – 2008 Frank Dobner

24 Tips To Set Up An Effective Email Marketing Campaign – Part 1

By on May 31, 2016

Email marketing is directing your messages to targeted addresses. These addresses are either rented or gathered from your opt-in list. Don’t worry. This is not spamming. The people whom you send messages to want your information.

An Effective Email Marketing Campaign Will Help Your Business…

· Target your customers

· Build a good rapport with your potential customers

· Lower your ad costs (email marketing is cost effective)

· Increase return on investments (ROI)

“69 percent of U.S. e-mail users have made purchases online after receiving permission-based e-mail marketing, 59 percent have purchased in retail stores, 39 percent have purchased through catalogs, 34 percent through call centers and 20 percent through postal mail.”And, “78 percent of those surveyed say they want to receive e-mail from their favorite online merchants.” Source: DoubleClick

24 Tips to An Effective Email Marketing Campaign…

1.Own a proper domain name

If you are serious about your business, you need to own a proper domain name that will appear in your resource box in all your email marketing campaign. Free domain name like yoursite.xxx.com or [http://www.xxx/yoursite.com] will not be taken seriously. It gives people the impression that your business is a fly by night operation.

To build credibility you need to have your own proper domain name (www.yoursite.com) and professional web hosting.


An auto-responder performs 2 important functions. It stores the names and email addresses of your visitors who opted to be on your mailing list, and automates your follow-up process. It can send a single message to thousands of subscribers in your opt-in list automatically.

You can have more than one auto-responder, each sending a different message. Without the effective use of auto-responders, an effective marketing campaign cannot be set in place. Imagine handling the tasks of a growing business without automation.

3.Offer Free Short Courses

The advantage of auto-responders is you can send out messages at preset intervals. You could utilize this capability to offer short email courses lasting from 5 to 7 days. For example I could offer for free a short course Five Days to Effective Email Marketing with this article. Offering short courses is one way to build up your opt-in list.

When your subscribers gain enough confidence in you through email courses, they would be more disposed to buy your products. Needless to say, your products must be related to the courses you offer.

Offering short courses also exposes your subscribers to your products or services.

4.Offer Free Ezines/Newsletters

Ezine is short form for electronic magazines. Share quality and useful information with your subscribers through ezines. Update your products and keep your subscribers posted of the latest developments in your business. This is good for building long-term relationships with them.

When you established your business as a reliable source of information, know-how and expertise, people will naturally be sold to it.

If you have a large subscriber base say 2000 – 4000, you can sell advertising space in your ezine.

5.Be Personal

Address your subscribers by name. You may write something like, Hi [First name] or [Last name], Thank you for your sign-up. People like to be address by name. It gives them a sense of importance. This is psychology 101.

Though your email will be read by thousands of subscribers each day, write as if you are talking to one person at a time. Use singular pronouns like ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘You’, ‘Your’. This kind of approach is more personal.

6.Be Formal

Just because you are writing emails it does not mean that you do away with all the formality of offline letter writing. Maintain proper greetings, Hi [First name] of [Last name], and proper signing offs like to your success, best regards, etc.

7.Fill in the From Field properly

Fill in your name, not crony names, followed by your full email address so it does not pass off as junk mail. Delete and empty trash.

8.Fill in the Subject Field properly

It must be a clear statement that is relevant to content. Don’t leave your Subject Field blank.

9.Remind people how they got on your mailing list

This is good practice. Most people will not remember why, where and what they signed up. Remind them at the beginning of your email how they got on your mailing list.

10.Write as though you are speaking to your friend

Email writing is somewhat different from writing for print. Write as though you are talking to a friend. Don’t sound like a university professor or a kindergarten teacher.

11.Be Concise and get straight to the point

Your email text must be concise and get straight to the point. People don’t have all day to read your email. A good thumb of rule for an effective email marketing copy is 250 to 300 words. Don’t bombard your email marketing campaign with banner ads all over.

12.Use Short Sentences and Paragraphs

Avoid wordy sentences. Keep your sentences short and simple. Don’t clump your text together. Use plenty of paragraphs. It is easier to read the text that way. Paragraphs should be no longer than five lines.

13.Never Type your Text in Caps

Online this is interpreted as SHOUTING.

14.Check For Bad Grammar and Misspellings

An email with bad grammar and misspellings gives your subscribers the impression that you don’t take them seriously. So don’t expect them to take you seriously too. Check and recheck your email copy to correct bad grammar and misspellings.

The opening line is important. Bad grammar and misspelling from the start will get your email copy trashed fast.

This concludes Part 1 of 24 Tips to Set Up an Effective Email Campaign. For more tips, read Part 2.

Email Marketing The Right Way

By on May 31, 2016

The digital age is a boon for marketing in the travel and hotel industry. It makes promotion and communication easier than ever before. Through the personalized medium of email, it is even more easier and safer to communicate for hotel bookings. However, as with any other innovation, hotel  email   marketing  can also be misused for illegal and suspicious activities. Therefore, it is important to learn how to go about hotel  email   marketing  in the right way.

First and foremost, in the process of any medium of marketing it is important to gain the trust of the consumer, which in turn raises the respect that customers will have for the company. Even if the  marketing  for a hotel is done through the personalized form of  email , the company should exude a high degree of professionalism. This professionalism includes a detailed and friendly(but not over-friendly) approach to advertising the product, in this case the hotel. One of the foremost rules in business is that one has to remember that the customer is smarter than the seller. Therefore, there is no use trying to rope in customers through tall claims, especially through the form of  email   marketing , where the potential customer is free to ignore the  marketing   email  just by reading its title.

Which brings us to the subject of naming the promotional email. The whole business of copywriting is to come up with catchy and persuasive lines and phrases that interest the customer and persuade him to buy the product. The same goes for  email   marketing  for hotels. If the hotel already has a sophisticated theme and promotional package, the  marketing   email  can work along those lines. The idea is to be very direct and yet persuade the email recipient to read more and even consider the offer that the hotel informs them about through the email. The subject of the email should not be boring or cliched. It should not be shocking or provocative, which might draw the recipient’s attention, but won’t necessarily win his or her trust and respect for the hotel one is marketing for.

Next, the body of the promotional email should be simple and lucid, as the online reader has a very low attention span. The theme of the  email  could match with the  marketing  theme of the hotel. It should definitely contain the contact details of the hotel- its address, phone number, email address. It should, most obviously, contain the link to the hotel’s website. No excess information is required. Other pop-up ads are again things that the  email  recipient will be annoyed by and will avoid, and so to maintain a safe and classy  marketing  campaign for one’s hotel, avoid other promotional ads.

Lastly, do not try to tempt the potential customer with unrealistic offers. There are many tourism companies who try to fool customers through tempting offers which hide their sinister ulterior motives. Efficient websites like Google have means to classify such  marketing   emails  as spam, but poor  marketing  can also spoil the image of genuine hotel campaigns and might result in being classified as spam.

An Introduction to Email Marketing

By on May 31, 2016


 Email   marketing  is a form of marketing done through electronic mails as a mean to promote product or service.  Email   marketing  is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways of reaching the customer. There are three types of emails send out to customers:

  1. Promotional Emails are sent to advertise about any product or service to the customer. These emails should be able to convince the customer and encourage them to purchase the product.
  2. Regular Emails are sent to strengthen the relationship with the customers and to establish relation with the prospects.
  3. Placing advertisements on the emails send by other people.

Advantages of  Email   Marketing :

 Email   marketing  is an easy way to advertise on the World Wide Web. Besides being one of the easiest ways of advertisement,  email   marketing  has other advantages:

  •  Email   marketing  has the ability to distribute the information to wide number of people at a low cost.
  • If your  email   marketing  campaign is strong enough, it can take the form of viral marketing which is the best way to spread the news.
  • It takes less time than other marketing methods. (It generally takes just few seconds to send an email).
  • More people rely on email as a way of communication making it possible for more audience to view the advertisement.
  • Instead of waiting for the audience to visit your website, you can knock on their door steps and let them know about your offer.
  • When we send out  emails , we send them to the targeted  market  who wants to know more about our service or product and not bother those who are not interested.

Disadvantages of  Email   Marketing :

Every coin does have two sides and  email   marketing  is not free from it. Along with the advantages, its drawbacks make many marketers take a step back in following it. The main downside being the unsolicited bulk-mail also known as Spam. In some countries unsolicited emailing is a punishable offense. The USA, for example has CAN-SPAM Act 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and  Marketing  Act) which has very strict  emailing  rules like: no misleading information on emails, no deceptive subject lines, there should be an opt-out method, and promotional emails should identify itself as an advertisement and should include physical valid postal address. The other disadvantages include:

  • Deliverability: Corporate firewalls, webmail systems and ISPs (Internet Service Provider) sometimes prevent suspicious emails. Hence, there is no guarantee of deliverability.
  • Email Renderability: There are different email readers with different set-ups which make it difficult for HTML email creatives to be shown in the intended manner.
  • Email Preferences: It is difficult to keep up with different recipients with different preferences for offers, frequency and content.

Email Content:

It is very important to create an effective email to be sent out to the readers. You email should provide all the valuable information, that will help the readers know more about your company and its product or services. You should have a strong benefit driven subject line to let the readers open the email. You need to build a good relationship with the subscribers in order to retain the current customers and build trust. It is necessary to make your email interesting and informative.

There are various tools available online for  email   marketing . You need to take the targeted email list and avoid buying just any other lists provided. You need to be creative and trustworthy to increase customers through  email   marketing .

Understanding the Power of Email Marketing

By on May 31, 2016

 Email   marketing  has become a very popular way of blowing your offer out and getting it viewed by millions of people. It is very effective and an efficient advertising tool that is getting popular day by day enabling the advertiser to launch targeted messages to thousands of viewers while accurately tracking and measuring the response. Many business owners having online presence are using  Email   marketing  to expand their business at a rapid pace. It is fast, reliable, cheap and the most competent way to get a message across.

 Email   marketing  campaigns need to be very attractive to grab the viewers’ attention. Without any striking subject line it is very easy for people to ignore an email advertisement without even having a glance at the mail. The message must be direct and should trigger an action like downloading a file, quoting a request or even linking another URL. It can be the company name or product as the recipient will be more familiar with it. The best thing about email advertising is that you need not wait for years to develop a list of your own. You can create the e-mailer by a professional and have your business exposed to a whole list of new and potential prospects. A highly targeted list brings into the business tremendous amount of revenues on a yearly basis.

An email advertisement campaign consists of a visually appealing graphics and brief description that is unique and at the same time attractive. These ads are specially designed and are sent to subscribers who have opted to receive business messages that are relevant to their areas of interest. Email marketers provide their clients with routinely furnished detailed reports and the click rate of the email acts as a statistical tracker of this program. This traceability can help you to improve the form of advertising and bring in substantial profits to your business.

E-mailers are usually sent to people who have opted for such services but nowadays there are companies who sell their names database to email service providers. This is a brilliant idea of getting the message out and sending it only to relevant people without spamming others. The trick is to create a dynamic page that visitors will find interesting and are likely to purchase your services or products. In case the feedback is not positive, it is time to go back and review what you have to offer.