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July, 2016

The Internet Marketing Obsession with Pokemon Go Strategies …

By on July 31, 2016

The Internet Marketing Obsession with Pokemon Go Strategies https://t.co/uUT9V6yq2c https://t.co/BOZ8CpsguK

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Using YouTube For Marketing And Promotion

By on July 31, 2016

Are you currently using  YouTube  for  marketing ? If so, what kind of results are you getting? Believe it or not, the results that most people get from YouTube are slim to none, but if you want to increase your chances of success, there are some things that you can do. In this article, we will go over some of the things that you can do to make your video stand out from the crowd, and get more views.

If you’re currently using  YouTube  for  marketing , then you know that there are a ton of other videos out there that you have to compete with. If you want to separate yourself from the crowd and get more views, you have to be crafty with your approach. It isn’t enough to create a simple little video and wait for the traffic to come. You also have to do your best to drive traffic to your video also.

If you didn’t already know, there are a few kinds of videos that you can do to make your video stand out from the crowd. One of my favorite kinds of videos is the kind where it’s just you in the video talking. This is the most basic form of video and is the most accepted kind. In fact when users search on YouTube, this is the kind of video that they’re looking for.

People on YouTube want to interact with folks. So when they’re searching for a video, this is what they’re looking for. However, there are instances where some videos other than a talking video can generate a lot of views. One kind of video that is like this is called a screencast.

If you’re using  YouTube  for  marketing , then you know that this kind of video is what a lot of marketers like to use. When I first started out, I started using a talking video and then eventually migrated to the screencasts. Screencasts are just easy to make and are fast to make also. All you need is a simple program such as Camstudio (camstudio.org) to create a screencast.

No matter the kind of video that you make, you will have to get traffic to it. There are a number of ways that you can get traffic to your video. One such way is with social bookmarking. Go to a site such as Digg.com or Stumbleupon.com and submit your news story to them. Digg still accepts YouTube videos so you’re in the clear here.

Another way to get traffic to your video is with article marketing. Write up an article related to your video and submit them to the popular article directories. You will get traffic from the search engines and from when publishers list your article on their website. You will want to make sure that you link back to your video from your article so that you can get traffic to it.

If you’re using  YouTube  for  marketing , you’re making a wise decision.

Good luck with using  YouTube  for  marketing  to increase your sales and profits.

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Internet Marketing and YouTube – Can It Help You?

By on July 31, 2016

Internet marketing strategies are always growing and changing. Anyone within this business is looking for a way to get the leg up on the competition. You can do this by investing at least some of your time in sites like YouTube. How can a video site like this help you with your business?

How To Use Video

There are several ways you can use video to your advantage in your Internet business. Here are a couple of methods to incorporate.

1.      Sign up for YouTube and network to find others who share similar interests as you. This is one of the simplest of ways to draw people to you, talk to them! They are likely to visit your profile where your website link is located. They will want to learn more about the interesting things you have to say and may become your best customer.

2.      Use YouTube as a training tool. If you are trying to educate your list on a topic and you wish to share with them a tutorial or a training video, you can use YouTube as your place for teaching. Design the video to be informational to avoid any type of advertisement problems. Use email marketing to let others know of the video.

There are many social websites popping up each day on the web. Some of them are a waste of time while other are incredibly popular and have the ability to help you to push your business to the next level. All you have to do is to use them effectively.

Source by Mark A. Abrahams

How to Use Keywords to Achieve YouTube Marketing Success

By on July 31, 2016

If you’ve paid attention to any online marketing efforts, hopefully you haven’t noticed the keywords while you’ve read or watched something. That’s because the idea of using keywords is not to notice them. Even though YouTube is visual in nature, keywords are still key to helping you get more YouTube views.

YouTube Crash Course

You know what YouTube is, but do you know how to use YouTube for marketing? It’s a task that involves more than just posting a clever video. The right choice of words is still necessary for people to find your video. You’re not going to be very successful at YouTube marketing if nobody can find your video when they perform a search. As a general rule, if it takes somebody more than a minute to find your video, you’ve already lost them.

Use Relevant Keywords

It’s tempting to use keywords you think will get you the most views on YouTube, but such a strategy could backfire. Do you really want to tick off potential customers? You can still be creative with your keywords and honest about your content. Some ways to use keywords to your advantage with your YouTube marketing efforts include:

• Posing a question with a few keywords relevant to your video content. This services two purposes. It makes your video easier to find and questions tend to peak curiosity. Questions that claim to break a preconceived notion or myth, offer advice, or solve a common problem tend to attract the most attention.

• Choosing your tags carefully. Picking every category your video remotely fits in is counterproductive. Sure, it’ll get you more hits, but it will also annoy people searching for something else. Choose only tags relevant to your content. If your content changes, change your tags.

Use Keywords to Boost Daily Searches

YouTube ranks daily and weekly searches. Earning a coveted spot among the top of either the daily or weekly list can equal marketing success, assuming you have a quality video that engages your viewers. If you find that your keyword selections are no longer working, change them or use variations. The idea is to keep things fresh and appealing.

Give Your Video a Title

One of the most common mistakes in YouTube marketing is expecting a video to speak for itself. It doesn’t take that much extra effort to create a title page before your video starts. Your title should be short and descriptive with a few keywords relevant to your content. Don’t worry about throwing in your company or brand on the title page. Save that part of marketing for your content and the end page.

Understand How the Typical Searcher Thinks

Think about how you search for videos on YouTube. You don’t likely think like a marketing executive. Keep in mind that most people on YouTube aren’t there to look for something to buy. It’s usually for entertainment purposes. Some keywords that tend to be more successful on YouTube include:

• Well-known names (celebrities, athletes)

• Titles (movies, TV shows)

• Quotes (usually somebody famous or well-known)

• Actions/verbs

• Objects in the video (car, sign, or anything that catches the eye immediately)

• Emotions (usually funny or sentimental)

Optimize Your Video Title

Keywords don’t make a title, but should be included in it to increase the number of views you get. To achieve this goal, there are some basic title rules related to YouTube marketing that should be followed:

• Don’t use puns or humor in your title. Everybody’s not going to be in on the joke and it’s awkward to work legitimate keywords into a title that’s not seriously about your content.

• If you “must” include your brand in the title, place it at the end. Keywords tend to be most effective towards the beginning of your title.

• Titles should be about 100 characters long. This includes the space between words.

• The description of your video should be as detailed as possible. On YouTube, it can be up to 5,000 characters or about 800 words when spaces are included.

Optimize Your Tags

You get 120 characters for your tags on YouTube, so you want to sprinkle some relevant keywords into your description as naturally as possible. Even on YouTube, obvious keyword stuffing is frowned upon. Tags should include:

• Location (usually just city or state)

• Topics (be specific to the video)

• Brand (you definitely want to include your brand here)

Source by Dale Leonard

when to use affiliate marketing?

By on July 31, 2016

Affiliate marketing works for companies who already have their online sales funnels working, optimized, and are looking for additional ways to increase the …

YouTube Marketing: A Call To Action Gets Viewers To Take Action

By on July 31, 2016

YouTube marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important ways to get your message out to your audience. It provides marketing solutions many other platforms cannot offer.

Video marketing is such a valuable tool because your content can be easily shared across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

YouTube allows you to express yourself in a variety of ways that can attract many viewers. The problem most videos lack is a call to action.

Your video is meant to provide video solutions to someone’s problems so it is important to know what you want your viewer to do before the video ends.

This is a crucial step in your marketing efforts to draw people over to your website or squeeze page. A compelling call to action (CTA) should have three components.

First, be very clear about what you want the viewer to do. It could be to subscribe to your channel, click the Like button or get access to free reports that will help them with their problem.

Second, they came to your video because they were seeking answers to problems they had. Tell them why they should take the action you asked them to take.

Third, give them clear instructions how to take the action. Clicking on an associated website link right on you video is one example. Another example is to click on a link in your description box below the video.

Here is a generic version of a call to action you can put at the end of your video:

“Thank you so much for watching this video. You can get access to my free report that teaches you how to solve your problem.

You can click on the link embedded in this video or you can click on the link in the description box below this video and I’ll send you this report to your favorite email address.

I’ll show you exactly how to get started and get the results you desire. All you have to do is click on the link embedded in this video or click on the link in the description box below this video.”

If you are interested in getting more people to your website or squeeze page so you can increase your conversion rate, you must have a strong call to action at the end of your video.

If you are doing YouTube marketing, one of the cornerstones of your success is having a call to action. You will be wasting your time with video marketing if don’t have a way to get your viewers to take a very specific action. Good luck!

Source by Ray Riechert

Video Marketing With a YouTube Channel

By on July 31, 2016

Video  Marketing  and  YouTube   Marketing 

If you have ventured into doing video  marketing  for your business; there is no better website to upload these videos but in  YouTube . Millions of people visit You Tube everyday to watch videos whether entertainment, latest news and even business information and promotions. Video  marketing  and  YouTube   marketing  are almost synonymous; simply because almost all videos are uploaded in this website. There is a big possibility that your video is one of those which are being watched by the people. If you have included the website address in the video; there is a chance that video watchers will be driven to the websites and could result into something positive like purchasing something from your site.

A good internet marketer would probably know a lot of good reasons why you should use YouTube for your business.

• Short but informative videos is a good way to show off your expertise; if video watchers are impressed they are more likely to visit your website

• It allows you to interact with people in the community; you can leave comments on the pages of other people too. Since  YouTube  is a community, the more active you are; the more chances of getting hits for your video  marketing  upload.

• You can create a  YouTube  channel for your  marketing  videos and post the website address to other popular social networking sites.

• To add credibility to your business, product or service; you can also upload video testimonials.

• Utilizing video is an excellent way to bring your product into life. Showing someone using your products is a good way to convince people to try it themselves. Videos are like live product demonstration, it makes it easier for potential customers to be convinced on purchasing the product or services.

• Marketing videos can be embedded into the website; and it should be placed where website visitors can easily find them.

Website visitors are more inclined to watching videos rather than reading paragraph text to introduce and promote your business. Video  marketing  and  YouTube   marketing  has greater potential in getting positive results compare to other kinds of internet marketing such as sending emails and catalogs. This type of marketing strategy would normally end up in the spam boxes or trash folder of a person’s email. Since YouTube is considered as one of the most popular social networking sites; it will definitely help in increasing traffic for your business websites. More traffic can be translated to more earnings for the business.

Source by Anne YP

Video Marketing – What YouTube Can Do For Your Website

By on July 31, 2016

One of my hobbies is to create short videos on the computer. For this I utilize software such as graphics editors and various animation and sound editing software. All of which I got for free off the internet.

Although this sounds complex, anybody can make a video of some kind even if all they have is a microphone and a webcam. You import various clips into a video editor such as Windows Movie Maker which comes with both XP and Vista, where you can perfect it, add titles and credits, narration etc.

About a year ago, I decided to start sharing them with the world. I started uploading these videos to YouTube.com and Google Video. I added my domain name in the credits and on the description, then my traffic increased a little bit. So I made a couple more, including one of which seems to be my crowning achievement. It is a 9 minute video HTML tutorial entitled How To Make A Web Page, it uses a little cartoon character to describe the process as I made a very simple web page with various screen shots and graphically designed backgrounds. As of the date of the writing of this article, this particular video has achieved over 2100 views and is being displayed on 4 other websites according to the statistics that the two sites provide. And best of all, I managed to advertise my own website simply by demonstrating how to add a hyperlink to a web page and using my own domain name to do so. It’s another great way to get your name out there.

Another benefit to this type of Video Marketing is that it can be utilized in a similar way to article marketing in that you can create content which can then be used for free on people’s websites, blogs and ezines. The better your video, the more likely it is to be used. But you don’t have to shoot for an Academy Award or anything, because all it takes is something somewhat interesting or pretty or foolish and somebody will watch it, email it to their friends, etc. Some people even take their favorite song and add photographs to do a video slideshow and upload them to these sites.

Both Google Video and YouTube will provide you with the codes to embed the videos into your website or blog as well as myspace, etc. They also provide you with the link to the video on their server and you are given the option to share them with others so that they may be displayed on their websites and blogs when you first upload them. You can even use many of the videos on YouTube and Google as content for your own site for free. They are also what is considered remotely hosted content, in that you don’t even have to upload huge video files to your web server. Pretty much anybody who has a blog now uses videos from YouTube as content, and a new trend has been moving towards the Video Blog. So in the future this will prove to be a very effective marketing technique.

All it takes is a little creativity, a little ingenuity and a link to your website in the description or your domain name in the credits.

Source by Patrick Rafferty

Making Money Online, YouTube Marketing The Right Way

By on July 31, 2016

Making money online is a great way to replace or add to your existing income, however many people tend to over complicate things and start spending money on paid marketing methods such as Google AdWords,

buying leads and so on. Most people tend to overlook social media to generate leads. This not only will give you a great following but it is also free.  YouTube   marketing  is a free type of marketing and by following these small simple steps your videos can increase views resulting in more sales for marketers.

‘People buy from people’ as the old saying goes, although using the internet we have many advantages such as working with people globally worldwide, however we are limited to using the net for people to come across us and see us, as oppose to being there in person face to face. Therefore by recording videos and channels such as You Tube marketing you will create a following of people who like you, what you say and can relate to you perhaps. It’s all about attraction marketing, if you’re a single mum then chances are other singles mums will be attracted to you. This is why it is important to use this method of marketing very wisely and to the best of your ability because these people will relate to you and trust you.

To get the most from your  YouTube   Marketing  use these tips so that the right people who you want to view your videos will be watching it. There is no point having a video on YouTube talking about Mehak Naheem then tagging it to an unrelated topic. Below I will share some video marketing secrets with you to help you build a better following.

Ensure your videos are informative and provide value. People will appreciate it when you give them free information on how to better themselves or their business and it will show that you have knowledge. You will automatically be given an authority figure and as a leader position in the industry overall, to people who are looking to start a business or carry out business with you, you will seem as a credible individual.

If you are new to You Tube marketing then perhaps you can shoot a few videos before the final shot. Sometimes people are very fussed about getting videos ‘right’ but in reality as long as you are presentable and talking sense that is all required. I recommend you use video editing software such as iMovie (if using a Mac) or Windows Movie Maker (for windows). Be creative and add sound effects, visualizations but do not over use these applications because you are there to provide value and adding liveliness to the video too.

Some of the top marketers even get the title and tags incorrect for their videos. You want a strong title for your videos to be shown in searches and related videos. Remember this is free traffic but the more targeted and specific the keyword, the better your video will be ranked on Google and other major search engines. This is because there will be less people advertising and wanting to market for these keywords but the point to remember is that the keyword will have searchers. You may not show up for making money online with hundreds of thousands (if not more) searchers but even if your video shows up for 1,000 monthly searches, in a year your video will be shown on average 12,000 times. That is all free traffic waiting to become your leads! People tend to think that by having broad keywords such as make money online in their title it will help rank their videos. However there is so much competition and if your video is unrelated then it can in actual fact have a negative impact.

It is very important to enter your website URL as the first thing in the description box. Ensure that the site is related to what your video is talking about, like I mentioned before give value. If people click on a link in the description of a video titled ‘Mehak Naheem’ they expect information about me, how I can help them in making money online. By providing value and giving related information your followers will build respect for you and again give you the position of authority. Sometimes the description of a video is minimised and only the first line is left showing, this is why it is important to have the link first starting your URL with http:// as this will enable a hyperlink to be created, which will allow followers to visit your site straight from You Tube.

Now that you know much more about how to start making money online, use this great free technique of You Tube marketing to generate a leadership online and bring in followers. I sincerely hope everyone wanting to generate an income from home the best of success and that I continue sharing information to better people’s lives like my own.

Source by Mehak Naheem

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